Which Materials Should I Consider When Buying a Blazer?

For many men, a blazer is a must-own item. Not only can it help men look dressier for semi-formal events, but the blazer can also be paired with a wide variety of shirts and pants for several unique and distinct looks. 

When buying a blazer, a man must consider its material. There are several classic choices, including wool, but several other materials, such as silk, are becoming quite popular. A blazer’s material is important because it will determine the garment’s breathability, look, and ability to keep the wearer warm.

Cashmere Blazers

Cashmere is a warm, soft fabric that comes from goats. Unlike some of the other warm fabrics, cashmere actually breathes pretty well. Cashmere feels very luxurious, but all of that luxury comes at an additional cost. A few downsides to buying a blazer made from cashmere is that cashmere garments require careful care, and cashmere, as it is a more delicate fiber, is more prone to wear than other fibers like wool or cotton. Cashmere blazers are fantastic winter wear, but they can also be quite appropriate for special occasions in warmer months.

Cashmere Blend Blazers

Cashmere is often blended with wool. Not only will this make a blazer made with a cashmere blend cheaper, but it will also make the blazer a little more hardy and resistant to wear.

Cotton Blazers

Cotton offers many advantages as it is a natural fiber that breathes well. Cotton tends to perform better in hotter climates because it can absorb moisture well and keep the wearer cool. For this reason, cotton blazers should typically be avoided for winter use. Cotton blazers tend to be hardy and machine-washable, which is another big bonus.

Cotton Blend Blazers

Because cotton is such a great natural fiber, it is often blended with both high-end and low-end materials. There are a few blends of cotton and wool that make for great blazers as these blazers will feature a high level of breathability, comfort, and ability to absorb moisture. Cotton will also be blended with cheaper materials, like polyester or rayon, to make a jacket more affordable. While these blazers will feature many of the benefits of cotton, they will not breathe as well as their counterparts, and they might look a bit cheaper as well.

Denim Blazers

While denim might not seem like a natural choice for a blazer’s fabric, it works surprisingly well with a number of outfits. In fact, the right denim blazer could even be worn into work on a casual dress day. Denim is a bulky fabric, so be sure to have the blazer fitted properly. Certain denim blazers also feature fabric blends that can make them a bit more stretchy than blazers made from pure denim.

Flannel Blazers

Flannel is a great choice for a winter blazer as it is thick and heavy, and it doesn’t breathe very well. Although this can cause a lot of moisture to get trapped against the body, it also means that a lot of heat is trapped against the body as well. Flannel blazers might start to fray and peel a bit earlier than blazers made from other materials, but if taken care of, a flannel blazer can last for several years.

Leather Blazers

Leather blazers are a good choice for men who want to look rugged yet stylish. Some people might not be comfortable with wearing an animal product such as leather, but for these individuals, there are several faux leather options that look and feel just as good.

Linen Blazers

Linen is a popular choice for a summer jacket or blazer because of its incredible ability to keep someone cool. A linen blazer will be incredibly lightweight, but it will also wrinkle easily and stain easily. Because of this, linen blazers aren’t always easy to bring along on a trip. Expect more trips to the dry cleaner or more time spent ironing one of these blazers. Also, poor quality linen has a higher risk of breaking.

Linen Blend Blazers

Blazers with linen blends will generally have a bit more strength than regular linen blazers, and depending on what they’re blended with, will also have more resistance to staining and wrinkling. Like standard linen blazers, linen blend blazers will usually be best for summer wear only.

Polyester, Nylon, and Rayon Blazers

These materials are a bit cheaper than all of the other materials in this guide, which makes them perfect for a man who is looking for a blazer on a budget. Polyester, nylon, rayon, and the other synthetic materials don’t breathe particularly well, they trap moisture and heat, and they also look cheaper when compared to other fabrics. However, these synthetic materials do stretch a bit better than most other fabrics, which can make them great for gaining a bit of extra comfort. These materials are often blended with other, more expensive fabrics in order to make a decent blazer at a reasonable cost.

Silk Blazers

Silk is an especially comfortable, breathable, and luxurious fabric, and the price tag on any silk blazer will reflect this fact. Silk is cool to the touch and feels great on the skin. One downside to silk is that it can react poorly to excessive perspiration. However, since silk breathes so well, this is rarely an issue.

Silk Blend Blazers

Silk is often blended with wool in order to make the jacket less expensive for people who are on a budget. These blazers will feature all of the advantages that a jacket made with silk has to offer, just to a lesser degree.

Suede Blazers

Suede is quite stylish and can be quite comfortable, but these jackets will take a lot of work to keep clean and good looking. It can be incredibly difficult to remove wrinkles from a suede blazer. Suede blazers do look professional enough to be considered at more casual workplaces, and they are great for a night out.

Tweed Blazers

Many people believe that a man wearing a tweed blazer is the quintessential look for a stereotypical college professor. Tweed is favored by older men because the fabric is so thick that it can keep the wearer warm even when it is chilly outside. However, this thickness also tends to be too much on men who are a bit overweight.

Velvet Blazers

Velvet jackets are somewhat more common in Europe than they are in the United States. As with one-button suits, they are bold fashion choices that aren’t likely to be forgotten.

Wool Blazers

Wool is a very versatile fabric in that it can keep someone warm or cool as needed, which makes a wool blazer a good year-round fashion choice. Wool also tends to breathe well and can adequately absorb moisture. Wool blazers tend to look fancy and expensive, and they’re a good choice for a business-casual look or for a night out on the town.

Wool Blend Blazers

Wool can be blended with both high-end and low-end fabrics. Wool is often blended with silk, which will produce luxurious, airy, and comfortable blazers. Wool is also often blended with synthetic materials, like polyester, to give the fabric a bit more stretch and durability. Wool blends can often be cheaper than pure wool, which makes getting a good jacket at an affordable price an option.

The Blazer’s Style Can Influence the Blazer’s Material

Two-button and three-button blazers will look good no matter which material is chosen. A one-button blazer, because it is so thin, will probably look best with a lighter material like wool, cotton, or silk although it would also make sense to give the jacket a bit more bulk with a thicker fabric. A double-breasted blazer, on the other hand, can swallow the wearer up if it features a heavy flannel or tweed fabric.

Finding Blazers on eBay

Begin a search for blazers by visiting the eBay homepage. On the left side of the page, underneath the main search bar, is a list of shopping categories. Hover the mouse over the tab that says Fashion until a menu of subcategories appears. From these new choices, select Men’s Clothing. Once on the Men’s Clothing page, find the list of categories on the left side of the page. Click on the Blazers & Sport Coats link.
Once on the Blazers & Sport Coats page, use the search tools on the left side of the page to help narrow down results. Choose to display results that feature specific jacket sizes, blazer conditions, price ranges, jacket styles, jacket colors, and blazer materials. These search tools also make it easy to find top-rated sellers and sellers who offer free shipping. To avoid the emotions of an auction-style listing, simply select the Buy It Now check box to display only results that feature the Buy It Now instant purchase option.
The search bar at the top of the page can be used in conjunction with the search tool check boxes on the left side of the page. Just check the appropriate boxes, and type in specific keywords to search for. This method of searching can provide very specific results.


When in the market for a new or used blazer, be sure to consider what material the blazer should be made from. Often, certain situations, like a first date, will call for a different blazer than a casual Friday work day will. Different materials tend to look better with different styles of blazer, so keep that in mind when shopping. With a wide variety of blazer styles and materials, eBay makes it easy for any man to find a stylish and comfortable blazer for any situation.